MULTI CAMERA Rendering in DaVinci Resolve (Fusion Tutorial)

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Hello all, in this tutorial you will learn how to do multicam or multi camera rendering in DaVinci Resolve 16.

This one will be a fusion tutorial.

About the Tutorial

The multi cam or multi camera rendering method, allows us to take different camera shots or passes and render them out in just one render or one media export step.

In the tutorial I show you how to add multiple camera nodes.

I also show you how to animate those cameras.

Then, we add a multiple renders, each one connected to a camera node.

Finally, I show you how to transition from one camera to another in one simple step.

I used this method to create the cinematic title in the beginning of this video.

With this method, you can add as many camera transitions as you like.

Inspiration and Assets

The video below is my inspiration to make this tutorial and animation:

You can take the texture I use in the video from here:

And the dust particles:

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This is a DaVinci Resolve 16 tutorial, but should work with some earlier versions of Davinci Resolve.

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