My First Gaming Microphone Under $40 – Genesis Radium 200 Backlight USB. Was it A Good Choice?!

In this video I will show you the characteristics of this gaming microphone and I will compare it my old headphone mic.

The gaming microphone that you can buy under $40 is called Genesis Radium 200 Backlight USB.

Main Characteristics

Here are some of it’s main characteristics:

  • has a mute button
  • it is streaming ready
  • you can adjust the gain control
  • it is USB powered
  • cardioid pick-up pattern
  • high quality recording
  • headphone input minijack 3,5 mm
  • additional USB port
  • windscreen
  • cable length of 1,5 meters
  • adjustable mic height

Product Specifications

In the picture below you will find the product specification:

genesis radium 200 microphone product specification
Genesis Radium 200 Microphone Product Specification

Final Comments

At first I was satisfied with it, but after lots of feedback and watching other microphone reviews, I figured, maybe I need to do a change!

Hopefully my future videos will sound much much better.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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