PHP in Visual Studio Code: Your first PHP project

php in visual studio code your first php project

In this tutorial you will start your first PHP project. I always use PHP in Visual Studio Code, so it is best if you use Visual Studio Code, as your coding editor. Preparing to Start First, we need to find the “htdocs” folder in the XAMPP installation (we use XAMPP, as our PHP environment). Usually, … Read more


PHP in Visual Studio Code: Starting with PHP language

php execution workflow

This video shows you the basics of the PHP scripting language. Basically, you will learn starting with PHP language.I use Visual Studio Code as my coding editor. What is PHP? So, what is PHP? PHP is a server-side scripting language, which means that it is executed on the server and not the client computer It … Read more


PHP in Visual Studio Code: Setup Debugging

setup debugging in php

This tutorial with show you how to setup debugging PHP in Visual Studio Code as the code editor. PHP executable not found error In the beginning I will also show you how to fix the Visual Studio Code “PHP executable not found” error! To fix it, you will need to find the PHP folder. Since … Read more